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Artisan Hub | A story from the Certforce side.

Problem statement

A long time ago, near to stone age I guess, we had one person in our team who’s one of the tasks was to keep track of all certification in our delivery unit, below is the flow diagram:

Salesforce Certification tracker

Do you think its a quick task? Let’s take help from mathematics.

If your delivery unit has 1000 employees, let us assume on an average 2000 certifications will be done in a year.
For one certification tracking if we need just 15 min to do all below task:

  1. Drop mailer for interest. ( bulk, say once in 2 months)
  2. Take approval ( this can be done in bulk)
  3. Assign the voucher to each approved request.
  4. Send the voucher to each of them individually, or say in a group of teams, and ask for a reply and provide a tentative date or give them a deadline.
  5. Keep track of the date, and check if that person has completed the exam, either success or failure.
  6. Update the tracker for each individual request and update the employee certificate.
  7. Provide the pivotal table and graphs. Monthly and when needed.

If it takes just 15 mins per certificate.

Effort in a year: 2000 * 15 mins = 30000 mins = 500 hrs = 62.5 working days. (considering 8 hr a day)

Which was a very huge amount.

Idea and Solution

We felt the pain and It was around mid of 2016, my contemporaneous lead Ashish Srivastava picked the idea to automate that process over a cup of tea, which lead us to automated the above task to a beautiful tool. NAMED CERTFORCE.

In the parallel world

Artisan hub built a tool to keep track of Salesforce certification of professionals all over the globe.

We both were using page scrapping and with the help of API getting the request from

I was very excited with the tool and using the email services regularly, I am one of the fans of the tool, who always check for his rank and status after each certification.

But one day it stopped working

I don’t know when this happened but was informed very soon by my employer that it’s broke. Certforce was like a baby to me and I was one amongst the people who loved the Artisan hub and definitely a frequent user. I cleared 21 certifications.

I dropped a thank you email to Richard Clark for his services and how we all loved the Artisan hub.

The new beginning

I tried many ways initially to make Certforce alive again, took help from people across technologies, at a later stage I was able to manage it working locally, the page scrapping. But it was not much success online and not for the bulk. Definitely, the Artisan hub team was also on the same path.

One day I was able to achieve a successful POC of 10 records, and the first thing I did to drop an email to Richard and expressed my interest to fix it, which he accepted. It took months for us to fix it. (as it was after office hours). This tool made me acknowledge that Richard is a fantastic personality with great skills and definitely hardworking. Thanks Richard for considering me to be part of your lovely tool.

Get Your Ranking and Regional Statistics Report by Email

The Artisan Hub “rank me” email service can be used by Certified Professionals to find out their ranking and how many people hold each type of Salesforce Certificate in their country, state and region.

To receive your report by email, send an email TO [email protected] with the email SUBJECT being the email address which you can be found with when using the Salesforce Certificate Verification site. Notes:

  • You must send the email to [email protected]
  • The email subject must contain the email address associated with your Salesforce account in your Web Assessor profile (which can be different from your Web Assessor username)
  • Nothing is required in the email body

Artisan Hub will return an email to the Certified Professional’s email address containing the Salesforce Certified Professional Artisan Hub Ranking Report (not the sender’s email address).

You can request a ranking report no more than once per day.

Certforce Team in the old days:

Ashish Srivastava

Sanjeev Singh

Nishant Kumar

and me 🙂

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